Praise Champion: Karaoke World Tour Game

Praise Champion Karaoke Game

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Praise Champion is a karaoke/American Idol style singing game. When singing a song, there is a meter containing three different levels that players fit into, whether its a shower singer, in the choir or on tour. After each song the game determines if you qualified for a CD and how popular it will be. Iím typically a choir rated singer and my CDís go out to family and friends. If youíre like me, mini-games can help improve your singing accuracy. Thereís a pitch detection tool called Range Finder to find out your vocal range and Tune-A-Tuna is a mini game where you catch tuna in a basket. You move the basket left and right by singing one of two notes. Early on players can press example keys to get the right pitch until you get the hang of it. Pitch-N-Pass is a racing game where you have to sing a note to get your car to move but you donít get example keys. Lastly, Do-Re-Mi challenges you to hit each note consistently and displays your accuracy at the end. Perform and look like the stars with 12 unlockable venues, and tons of clothing and accessories. One microphone included. Songs by: Lincoln Brewster; Kari Jobe; Gateway Worship; Jared Anderson; Paul Baloche; John Mack McMillan and many more!
ERSB Rating: Teen
Minimum System Requirements
* Windowsģ 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7
* 8x CD/DVD-ROM drive or faster
* 32MB DirectX9.0c compatible video card
* DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
* Speakers

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