Ancient Half Shekel Coin Jesus Tax Reproduction
Half Shekel Coin Pewter
Half Shekel Pewter Coin
Half Shekel Pewter Coin

Ancient Half Shekel Coin Jesus Tax Reproduction

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Popular! Ancient Roman Half Shekel coins of bible 1 inch silver metal reproduction. Larger than original, thicker 3mm than most coins. - Collection of the half-Shekel During the Second Temple period, it was custom among Jews in Jesus time to annually offer the half-Shekel into the Temple treasury, for the upkeep and maintenance of the Temple precincts, and animal-offerings. This practice not only applied to Jews living in areas out the Land of Israel. Coin possesses a silver content of 6.87 grams. According to the Jewish historian, Josephus, the annual monetary tribute of the half-Shekel to the Temple at Jerusalem was equivalent to two Athenian drachmæ, According to Jewish law, whenever a king conducted a census of the Jewish people, every person that was counted was required to pay the half-Shekel for his atonement .
Half Sheckal Coin Ancient Pewter Reproduction about 1 inch. Laws of Shekalim 1:5) that the half shekel mentioned in the Bible the annual contribution every Jew gave in Jesus time. was required to give to the Temple coffers is equal to 160 grains of barley, which, in modern measurements, would be approximately eight grams of silver. While the Temple was standing, every Jewish man was required to give one half-shekel weight of silver, approximately eight grams of silver (worth about $4 today), as a mandatory tax to support the Temple. Each man was obligated to give the same amount, regardless of his economic condition. The coins, once deposited in the Temple courtyard, were sanctified and not permitted to be used for any other purpose.
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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