The Nurturing Church Generates Grace Giving

The Nurturing Church Generates Grace Giving

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The Nurturing Church Generates Grace Giving book is turning church donors into disciples. This is a fresh and unique, one-of-a-kind book to help a church to transition in stewardship and giving from a traditional, maintenance, harvesting type of church to a seed- planting, nurturing, mission type of church. It presents a grace stewardship system which is an "energy field" flowing from the explosive word to grow productive stewards. Rev. Larry Reinhardt, Director of LCMS Stewardship Ministry calls it a "no-nonsense approach to grace-based preaching and teaching of real biblical stewardship. Principles and lessons are wonderfully biblical, clear, practical and workable with encouragement to avoid appeals based on budgets and needs. There is a wealth of food for thought and action." It shows how abundant planting and nurturing produces abundant stewardship harvests. 64 pages.

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