Lincoln/Obama Inaugural Bible Collection

Lincoln/Obama Inaugural Bible Collection

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The Lincoln/Obama Inaugural Bible Collection commemorates the significance of January 20, 2009, the day that President Barack Obama was inaugurated, using the Lincoln Bible to take the presidential oath of office. Bridging the historic nature of both President Abraham Lincoln's and President Obama's inaugurations, this collection is a stunning keepsake that pays tribute to both men and the office of the U.S. president.

Housed in a deluxe clamshell box are:
* An exquisite replica of the Lincoln Inaugural Bible, a 1,280-page, 1853 Oxford University Edition, with the inscription of William Thomas Carroll, clerk of the Supreme Court, attesting to the fact that this was the Bible used for the inauguration of Lincoln, complete with the seal of the Supreme Court.
* A 2009 Inauguration Packet, including the official congressional invitation complete with photographs of the president and vice president
* A 72-page booklet with Lincoln and Obama photos, memorabilia, historical facts, and observations, including President Lincoln's 1861 inaugural address and his Cooper Union address
* Clamshell box measures 10 inches high x 8 inches wide x 4 inches deep.

**Limited Quantity Available

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