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Christian Inspirational Church Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Gifts. Inexpensive Christian Supplies

Bulk Priced Sunday School Themed Pencils

Gift Pens at Attractive Prices

Executive Type Pens With Guide Me Lord
Christian Pens With Quote "Guide Me Lord"
 SKU: 7296-1


Black Christian Executive Pens With gold imprint "Guide Me Lord" and cross. 5 1/2 inch black plastic. Volunteer gift.
Quan.   1 - 23     24 - 95     96+  
Price $1.98 $1.98 $1.98
Sale!  $1.29 $0.99 $0.85
Wood Easter Inspirational Pencils
Easter Inspirational Pencils Wood
 SKU: 8049
Wood Easter Inspirational Pencils. Pencils have #2 lead. sold in pkg of 12 but priced per pencil. Sunday school rewards, Easter baskets.
Quan.   12 - 47     48+  
Price $0.32 $0.26

Believe Pen And Bookmark Sets
Believe” Pen And Bookmark Sets
 SKU: 8399
Blue Christian Executive Metal Pens With gold star 5 inch black metal and bookmark in package. Christmas gift.
Quan.   1 - 23     24+  
Price $2.49 $2.49
Sale!  $1.79 $1.49
I Said A Prayer You Today Pen
 SKU: 9127
I Said A Prayer You Today Executive Silver Metal Pens With gold praying hands on clip. 5 inch long and attached to a bookmark with To: and From: on back.. Hospital gift, get well gift, Christmas gift. Mails easily
Christmas Holiday Theme 12 Pack Pencils
Christmas Holiday Pencils 12 Pack

$2.98 $2.39
 SKU: 4165
Christmas Holiday Theme 12 PACK Pencils all blue w/ holiday polar bear design.

Christian Sunday school pencils
Christian Pencils Assorted Deals
 SKU: 2838
Christian wooden 7 1/2" pencils. Great for Sunday School classrooms. Jesus Loves Me, Friends in Christ, WWJD, Christian School, Faith. List Price $.32 each. Assorted only. Gifts. Sunday school teaching supplies. Minimum 24 pencils.
Quan.   24 - 49     50 - 143     144+  
Price $0.32 $0.32 $0.32
Sale!  $0.25 $0.23 $0.22

Pew Pencils Box of 144

$19.95 $16.98
 SKU: 3859
Pew or golf pencils, 3.5" Hexagon Barrel dark colors, Medium Soft Lead, (no choice of color) 144 in box.  Bargain Pencils

“Books of the Bible” Scroll Pens
 SKU: 8386
“Books Of The Bible” Scroll Pens. Plastic Religious Pens each with a 7 3/4" paper scroll that can be pulled out to reveal all the books of the Old and New Testament. Sunday school, VBS, new converts
Quan.   1 - 23     24+  
Price $1.98 $1.98
Sale!  $0.99 $0.93
Comfort Grip Mechanical Pencils (3)

$2.98 $0.99
 SKU: 8172
Pack of 3. Mechanical pencil, clip with eraser and comfort rubbery grip, assorted colors, 5" long. No ink on clothes
Pew Pencils box  of 144
Welcome God Loves You Pew Pencils

$19.95 $16.95
 SKU: 3859G
Pew pencils, 3.5" Hexagon Barrel, Medium Soft Lead, (no choice of color) 144 in box.  Bargain Pencils

Pew Pencils box  of 144
Welcome God Loves You Pencils with Eraser

$21.95 $17.95
 SKU: 3859E
Eraser Pew pencils, 3.5" Hexagon Barrel, Medium Soft Lead, (no choice of color) 144 in box.  Bargain Pencils

Jesus Loves Me Pencils
Jesus Loves Me Pencils (10)

$2.99  SKU: 4183
Jesus Loves Me Christian Wood Pencils 7 1/2" pencils. $.30 each, sold in pks of 10.

Prayer Warrior Christian Religious Pens
Prayer Warrior Religious Pens
 SKU: 8384
Classic Executive Christian Pens With Prayer Warrior 5 1/2 inch black, grey, blue, red plastic. Assorted colors only. Volunteer gift. Church praying groups
Quan.   1 - 23     24 - 95     96+  
Price $1.98 $1.98 $1.98
Sale!  $1.29 $1.09 $0.99
Pew Pens Bargain Pack of 100
 SKU: 3864A
Very inexpensive Pew, 5 1/2", This skinny pinky base ball point Pen 6 Inches long No points to sharpen. Fits nicely in a bible case. Bargain Pens. What will 7 cents buy? Sold in packs of 100, priced individually.
Quan.   100+  
Price $0.10

Happy Birthday Jesus Christmas Pencils
Happy Birthday Jesus Pencils - Christmas

$2.98  SKU: 4182
Christmas Happy Birthday Jesus Christian wood Pencils ,7 1/2" pencils. $.25 each, sold in pkg of 12.

I have Jesus in My Heart Pencils
I have Jesus in My Heart Pencils
 SKU: 4146
I have Jesus in My Heart with hearts Wood Pencils 7 1/2" pencils. pink, red and dark blue assorted only Sold minimum 12. Not sharpened.
Quan.   12 - 49     50 - 99     100+  
Price $0.26 $0.23 $0.22


De Colorus rooster and butterfly pencils
$0.59 $0.29

De Colorus rooster and butterfly pencils. De Colores is a traditional Spanish folk song that worships the Lord and describes the beautiful colors in creation.
Quan.   24 - 71     72+  
Price $0.34 $0.29
3 Bible or book highlighter markers pens. Wet ink. Bible highlighters. Pastel colors
Bible Highlighter Pens Set of 3
 SKU: 2812
3 Bible or bible highlighter markers pens. Wet ink. Bible highlighters. Pastell colors
Quan.   1 - 11     12+  
Price $1.59 $1.29

Cheap pew pencils
Recycled Pew Pencils Bargains -Box of 144

$18.98 $6.98
 SKU: 3862
Bargain, inexpensive recycled Pew pencils each, Misprinted or overrun pencils have company logos or golf course names already printed on them. 3.5 inch pencils without eraser, pre-sharpened. Comes in a variety of colors (no choice) 144 in box. Prove you believe in recycling and economy! $.05 each

sunday school sissors
Scissors - Plastic & Metal Snowman
 SKU: 4175
Plastic And Metal children's Snowman Scissors. Each pair of 3" metal blunt edge scissors is in a 2" plastic magnetic case. Assorted colors only. Price each.
Quan.   1 - 11     12 - 63     64+  
Price $0.89 $0.89 $0.89
Sale!  $0.59 $0.42 $0.36

thin bible pen
Church Name Bookmark Bible Pen
 SKU: 3517
Custom bookmark bible pen great for taking bible notes or sermon notes. Print the church name on the clip and info on the bottom. The pen weighs less than a sheet of paper and is thinner than a stack of 4 business cards. Religious supplies. So many different ways to use this pen, make it an ideal promotional gift. Note: This pen can only be printed on one side. 250 Minimum
Quan.   250 - 499     500 - 999     1000+  
Price $1.19 $1.09 $0.99
Setup $45.00 Add'l

Select Plastic Color:
Grey Touchsreen Stylus.
Grey Touchscreen Stylus
 SKU: 8047
Grey Plastic Touchscreen Stylus. Looks like a pen. 5 1/2 inch long. Buy several for when you lose them. Works on phones and pads.
Quan.   1 - 3     4+  
Price $2.98 $2.98
Sale!  $0.89 $0.79
SM mini stylus pen.jpg
Cellphone Stylus Pen Mini
 SKU: 8020
Colored Plastic Touchscreen Stylus. 1 3/4" inch long. Plugs right into your headphone jack so you won't lose it. Works on phones and pads. Assorted colors only.
Quan.   1 - 3     4+  
Price $2.49 $2.49
Sale!  $0.79 $0.69
Wood Pen Box
Wood Pen Gift Box
 SKU: 8602
Grey wood pens impressive gift box with velvet inside and pen holder. Turn any pen into a great gift. Measures: 6-1/8 x 1-3/4 x 3/4" with black insert. Pen not included.
Quan.   1 - 143     144+  
Price $2.49 $1.79
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