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Reach Out and Touch Church Sunday School Growth Program

Successful Church Sunday School Growth Program Used by thousands of churches

Enlarge your church membership and broaden your ministry in just Six Short Weeks with our most successful church growth program ever. The easy-to-use materials in Reach Out And Touch will inspire your congregation to get involved. Together you'll extend your ministry to the local community and beyond. Reach Out And Touch is designed to work in any size church. Just choose from the many full color, professional resources to build a "can't fail" program in your church. Can be done as a 3 week program. More people equal more income.
Reach Out and Touch Sample Kit and manual
Reach Out and Touch Enlargement Program Kit

$29.95  SKU: 905
All materials plus a step-by-step guide to a successful program -- that's what you get with this sample kit! Learn how to structure your committees, organize details, motivate members and conduct special events. Includes poster, attendance chart, manual and samples of all leaflets, bulletins and door knob hanger Plus 100 PLAYING CHURCH folders. Sample packages are not returnable
Christian Church Reach Out & Touch Poster
Reach Out & Touch All Large Growth Poster

$5.95 $3.98
 SKU: 907
Reach Out & Touch All growth Poster. Large Full color 24 x 40" poster unfolds week by week to form a cross. Each panel depicts a goal area for ministry extension and expansion.
Reach Out Attendance Chart  for churches
Reach Out Attendance Chart
 SKU: 924
Reach out and touch large 17" x 22" progressive chart showing goals and attendance during campaign. Order one for each classroom and one for church. Attendance charts
Quan.   1 - 9     10+  
Price $2.98 $2.49
Four Who Served Volunteer church leaflets
Four Who Served Volunteer Leaflet Pkg 0f 50

$11.95  SKU: 59
Appeals for church people to volunteers for church service like Jeremiah, John, Lydia and Jesus, we are called to be evangelists, to "tell" His message. Evangelism, gospel tract. Full Color.
Reach Out at Work and School  church growth leaflet
Reach Out at Work and School Leaflets
 SKU: 915
Motivates members to "Go ahead, ask!" co-workers to attend worship services.
Quan.   50 - 199     200 - 499     500+  
Price $0.18 $0.17 $0.16

Reach Out & Touch Families leaflet for church growth churches
Reach Out to Neighbors Leaflets
 SKU: 916
Shows how being a "Good Neighbor" can influence others to attend church.
Quan.   50 - 99     100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.18 $0.17 $0.16
Church programs Reach Out To Friends folder
Reach Out To Friends Leaflets
 SKU: 914
Reach Out To Friends tract Encourages members to use the "Friendship Recipe" to reach out to friends.
Quan.   50 - 99     100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.18 $0.17 $0.16

Reach Out in the Community Christian leaflet
Reach Out in the Community Leaflets
 SKU: 917
Stresses the need to treat community members as "special guests".
Quan.   50 - 99     100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.18 $0.17 $0.16

Reach Out & Touch Families Church Leaflets
Reach Out & Touch Families Church Leaflets
 SKU: 918
Teaches the importance of reaching out to family members to encourage church and Sunday School attendance. 4 pages
Quan.   50 - 99     100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.18 $0.17 $0.16

Touch All for Christ  leaflet  church growth witness
Touch All for Christ Christian Leaflets
 SKU: 919
Urges members to share the Christian message and extend a church invitation to everyone they meet.
Quan.   50 - 99     100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.18 $0.17 $0.16

Reach Out & Touch Bulletin Cover
Reach Out & Touch Bulletin Cover
 SKU: 911
Reach Out & Touch Bulletin Cover. Program theme and promotional copy on front and page 4. Inside is blank for printing 8 1/2 x 11".
Quan.   50 - 499     500+  
Price $0.16 $0.14

Reach Out and Touch Letterhead to kick off program
 SKU: 909
Reach Out and Touch Letterhead to kick off program.
Quan.   50 - 199     200 - 499     500+  
Price $0.16 $0.15 $0.14

Reach Out and touch Postcards church growth
Reach Out Postcards
 SKU: 912
Reach Out Postcards reminder Postcard, Blank on back. Minimum 50
Quan.   50 - 199     200+  
Price $0.18 $0.15

Please Select Quantity:Quantity
Does God Care if we attend Church leaflet?
Does God Care If You Attend Church? Leaflet
 SKU: 175
Does God Care If You Attend Church? Leaflet tract. Yes God cares + 3 reasons. gospel tracts. Church growth. Church outreach. 4 papges
Quan.   50 - 199     200+  
Price $0.18 $0.17

Reach Out Theme Song sheet
Reach Out Theme Song Pkg of 50

$6.50  SKU: 925
Reach Out and Touch Theme Song. Pacjage of 50
Reach Out & Touch Doorknob Hanger
Reach Out & Touch Doorknob Hanger
 SKU: 913
Reach Out & Touch Doorknob Hanger. A "leave behind" message when visitors find no one at home. 3.5 x 8.5" card stock. Custom imprinted door knob hanger available 1,000 or more.
Quan.   100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.25 $0.19

Playing Church Parable  leaflets
Playing Church Parable Tract Leaflet Pack of 50
 SKU: 295
Parable Story about children playing church in a old building. Let's stop Playing Church, let's be the church instead and follow the bibles teaching. Packages of 50 leaflets. Price each. 3 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches 4 pages
Quan.   50+  
Price $11.95
Sale!  $9.00

Jesus said, . . little children . . . come to me Folder
Jesus said, . little children.. come to me Folder
 SKU: 296
"Jesus said, . . little children . . . come to me Folder" Beautifully, scripturally urges children and adults to "come to Sunday School," come to Jesus. 4 pages
Quan.   100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.17 $0.16
Four Things God Wants You To Know leaflet
Four Things God Wants You To Know leaflet
 SKU: 158
Four Things God Wants You To Know. Your needs, your helplessness, God's Provision, God's Security.3 x 8" 4 pages. Packages of 100 gospel tracts, sold and priced individually. Evangelism
Quan.   100 - 199     200+  
Price $0.19 $0.17

Welcome To Our Neighborhood church leaflet
Welcome To Our Neighborhood Leaflet Tract
 SKU: 174
Welcome Come to our church and chat. 4 pages leaflet, room for imprinting.
Quan.   1 - 99     100+  
Price $1.00 $0.18

Built By the Owner's Design
Built By the Owner's Design

$14.95  SKU: 1825
The Positive Approach to Building Your Church God's Way. 130 pages.
Ways to Grow book
Way to Grow

$14.95  SKU: 1826
Dynamic Church Growth Through Small Groups. 185 pages.
church supplies
Reach Out Envelopes #10

$0.19  SKU: 881
Reach Out and Touch Envelopes, (The same logo as the letterhead).

Gold Plated Fisher of Men Pin, Fish Hook Pin
Fisher of Men Pin, Fish Hook Pin
 SKU: 325
Best Seller Gold plated, 5/8" high, Fisher of Men fish hook pin. We carry a large stock of these fine pins that remind us that Jesus said, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” Mark 1:17 (NKJV). Also nice on fisherman's hat. Hook pin is also available in silver for an additional $.25 each.
Quan.   1 - 11     12 - 23     24 - 239     240+  
Price $2.98 $2.98 $2.98 $2.98
Sale!  $1.98 $1.69 $1.29 $0.99

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Moral Compass
Christian Moral Compass Keychain

$4.95  SKU: 4164
New! The Moral Compass Key Ring. Know Jesus, Know directions. Love, Hope, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, Inspire, Listen, Respect, Forgive, Guide. 2 inch diameter. Glows in the dark.

Plan of salvation pocket cards
Plan of Salvation Pocket Card
 SKU: 2844
Plan of Salvation pocket cards with bible quotes, 2 x 3 1/2. Romans 3:23,Romans 5:8, Romans 6:4, Psalm 51:7, 2 Peter 3:18, Revelation 2:10. Mount lapel pin cross or use as is. Minimum 50 cards. Heavy Paper Witness cards. Back has same copy as front without color.
Quan.   1 - 49     50 - 199     200 - 999     1000+  
Price $0.39 $0.15 $0.13 $0.11

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