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Count On Me Church Sunday School Growth Enlargement Program

Count On Me Program - Sunday School Loyalty Program, Church Growth Tracts for Bulletins, Mailings, Evangelism

Watch your church grow with these great programs! Our Lord is never satisfied with the size of His church. He kept adding to "their number daily those who were being saved." (Acts 2:47 NIV) You, too, are charged with growing your church and Sunday School. A successful ministry adds to the number of those who are saved. Now you can make your work easier and get rewarding results with church and Sunday School enlargement programs developed by the ChurchSupplier.
  • Count On Me Sunday School Loyalty Days begins at the logical beginning for growth -- your own members! Fill the empty seats in your Sunday School with your best prospects -- children, youth and adults from your own congregation - even long-time absentees. This internal Sunday School enlargement campaign really works! Sunday school enlargement program searches for new pupils, re-encourage old members to come to Sunday school. Double your Sunday school attendance in a decade. A reliable program that always works!
  • Reach Out And Touch is known as the "six-week wonder in church enlargement." Used by thousands of churches. Reach Out and Touch materials inspire your members to get involved in extending your ministry to the unchurched in your community. Designed to work in any size church. Extends the ministry of the church through enlarging the Sunday school. Goals are to revitalize interest in Sunday school, create enthusiasm for Sunday school, enlist new people, and find new prospects and to stimulate faithful attendance. It motivates members to bring friends at school, in our community, our families, acquaintances and neighbors to attend on different Sundays. Reach Out and Touch gives you the results you want - and need - in just three or six short weeks.
  • Sunday School Space Shuttle brings the excitement of a modern day adventure to a six-week Sunday School enlargement challenge. Works great for youth and children. Highly successful program resources give your current members the confidence to invite neighbors, friends, schoolmates and co-workers to board your Sunday School Space Shuttle.
  • Tell revives the spirit of personal evangelism by reminding members of the importance of telling others of His wonderful deeds. Program materials are designed to encourage new commitment to the success and growth of your Sunday School.
Count On Me Starter Kit
Count On Me Church Enrollment Starter Kit

$35.95  SKU: 929
Count On Me Church Enrollment Starter Kit. Builds commitment to strong growth among your leadership. Gives leaders a step-by-step Guide for planning, organizing and implementing the program plus poster and samples of all items. Provides hints for creative use of resource materials. Includes 100 tracts 4 REASONS tract.
Church Count On Me Attendance Theme Poster
Count On Me Church Enrollment Theme Poster

$2.95  SKU: 930
Count On Me Church Enlargement Program Theme Poster 19 X 13.
Count On Me Introductory Leaflet
Count On Me Introductory Leaflet Pkg of 50's
 SKU: 942
Explains purpose of Count On Me program and asks members to participate.
Quan.   1 - 3     4+  
Price $9.95 $8.50

Count On Me Sunday Bulletin
Count On Me Church Sunday Bulletin Pkg 100's
 SKU: 936
Count On Me Sunday Bulletin Package of 100's 8 1/2 x 11.
Quan.   1 - 2     3+  
Price $16.00 $15.00

Count on Me Sunday Bulletin Insert
Count on Me Church Sunday Bulletin Insert
 SKU: 937
Count on Me bulletin Insert 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Program theme/art on front, blank on back.
Quan.   100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.16 $0.15

Count On Me Letterhead
Count On Me Church Letterhead
 SKU: 934
Count on Me Letterheads. For mailings, invitations and follow-up. 8 1/2 x 11".
Quan.   100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.16 $0.15

Count On Me Church Large Attendance Chart
Count On Me Church Attendance Chart
 SKU: 946
Count on Me Attendance Charts. Order one for each class, department, age group. 17 x 19".
Quan.   1 - 9     10+  
Price $3.00 $2.49

Count on Me Church Commitment Card
Commitment Pledge Card Church Pkgs of 100
 SKU: 938
Asks each individual and family to pledge prayer and time to the program. OR Asks for time and talents commitments. Packeges of 100
Quan.   1 - 4     5+  
Price $18.00 $16.95

Church Prayer Partner Folder
Prayer Partner Folder
 SKU: 940
Church Prayer Partner Folder Emphasizes the importance of prayer to success by creating a structure for prayer support. Church growth.
Quan.   50 - 99     100 - 499     500+  
Price $1.00 $0.17 $0.16

Pocket Guide for Sunday School Visitation
Pocket Guide for Sunday School Visitation Package of 9

$3.30  SKU: 944
A handy booklet guide for volunteers making in-home Sunday School evangelism calls. Pocket sized.
Will Sharon Ever Know God? Church Leaflet
Will Sharon Ever Know God? Leaflet (100)
 SKU: 07
Will Sharon Ever Know God? Church Tract emphasizes the need for parents to nourish the spiritual growth of children through Sunday School and church attendance. Evangelism. Church growth. Packs of 100
Quan.   1 - 3     4+  
Price $22.00 $18.00

Count on Me Doorknob Hanger
Custom Heavy Paper Door Knob Hangers
 SKU: 1256c
We Print custom doorknob hangers in one, two, 4 colors with die cut hole. 3 1/3 x 8 1/2" Minimum order 1,000 one color. 5000 one color $429.00. Colors additional. Email your layout/design to: or upload it to our server now.
Quan.   1000 - 1999     2000 - 4999     5000+  
Price $0.23 $0.18 $0.09
Jesus Comforting PostCards
Jesus Comforting Post Cards Pkg of 50

$6.98  SKU: 2795
Exclusive Jesus Comforting Postcards,3 1/2 x 5 1/2 Card Stock Blank on Back. Send to church member who don't attend or use as an invitation. Postcards for Sunday School, Package of 50. visitor card. $.14 each!
Count on Me Doorknob Hanger
Count on Me Doorknob Hanger
 SKU: 1256
Count on Me program Leave a message & visit about your campaign even when no one is home. (Order enough for future use.) 3.5 x 8.5 inches light card stock.
Quan.   1 - 99     100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.25 $0.25 $0.20
Four Who Served Volunteer church leaflets
Four Who Served Volunteer Leaflet Pkg 0f 50

$11.95  SKU: 59
Appeals for church people to volunteers for church service like Jeremiah, John, Lydia and Jesus, we are called to be evangelists, to "tell" His message. Evangelism, gospel tract. Full Color.
Playing Church Parable  leaflet
Playing Church Parable Tract Leaflet Pack of 50
 SKU: 295
Parable Story about children playing church in a old building. Let's stop Playing Church, let's be the church instead and follow the bibles teaching. Packages of 50 leaflets. Price each. 3 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches 4 pages
Quan.   50+  
Price $11.95
Sale!  $9.00

Empty Seats church leaflet
Empty Seats: A Humorous Approach To A Serious Concern (100)
 SKU: 08
A Humorous Approach To A Serious Concern. A humorous strategy for dealing with the enemy of Church Sunday School - empty seats! Mind over Mattress (getting out of bed) is the plan for success. Packaged in 100's. Priced each.
Quan.   1 - 3     4+  
Price $22.00 $18.00

If You Can Count To Three Church leaflet
If You Can Count To Three Church Leaflet (100)
 SKU: 10
Three compelling reasons why Church Sunday School will lead you to a better life. Evangelism Package of 100.
Quan.   50+  
Price $19.00

Don't Lose Your Balance leaflets
Children See Children Do Leaflet (100)
 SKU: 11
Children See Children Do Leaflet (100) A stable, balanced and happy life begins with regular Sunday School attendance leaflet tract. Packaged in 100's. Church Evangelism
Quan.   1 - 3     4+  
Price $22.00 $18.00

Children See Children Do Church leaflet
Children See, Children Do Church Leaflet (100)
 SKU: 13
Children See, Children Do leaflet. Children mirror the lifestyle of their parents - regular Sunday School attendance is a good example for parents to set. Packages of 100. Evangelism
Quan.   1 - 3     4+  
Price $22.00 $19.00

Am I My Children's Teacher?  leaflet
Am I My Children's Teacher? Leaflet (100)
 SKU: 167
Am I My Children's Teacher? Church Leaflet. Children follow you. Attend church and they will follow leaflet tract. Packages of 100. Evangelism
Quan.   1 - 3     4+  
Price $22.00 $18.00

What's In It For Me?  Church Leaflet
What's In It For Me? Church Leaflet (100)
 SKU: 943
What's In It For Me? Church Sunday school Leaflet A "must have" tool for volunteer visitors. Helps answer many questions posed by non-attenders. Package of 100.
Quan.   1 - 3     4+  
Price $22.00 $18.00

Reasons For Not Attending Church
Reasons For Not Attending Church
 SKU: 1269
Reasons For Not Attending Church. Blank inside because there are no reasons not to attend Sunday school. Packaged in 100;s. 100 minimum.
Quan.   100 - 499     500+  
Price $0.17 $0.15
Playing Church Parable  leaflets
Four Things God Wants You To Know Leaflet (100)
 SKU: 158
Four Things God Wants You To Know. Your needs, your helplessness, God's Provision, God's Security.3 x 8" 4 pages. Packages of 100 gospel tracts, sold and priced individually. Evangelism
Quan.   1 - 0     1 - 3     4+  
Price $1.00 $19.00 $17.00

Welcome To Our Neighborhood church leaflet
Welcome To Our Neighborhood Leaflet Tract
 SKU: 174
Welcome Come to our church and chat. 4 pages leaflet, room for imprinting.
Quan.   1 - 99     100+  
Price $1.00 $0.18

Does God Care if we attend Church? leaflet
Does God Care If You Attend Church? Leaflet
 SKU: 175
Does God Care If You Attend Church? Leaflet tract. Yes God cares + 3 reasons. 4 pages.
Quan.   50 - 199     200+  
Price $0.18 $0.17

Inexpensive Salvation Coin
Salvation Coin Inexpensive
 SKU: 1970
Salvation Coin and card 1 1/4 inch - Aluminum and card serves as reminder of the "Prayer of Salvation"
Quan.   1 - 49     50 - 299     300+  
Price $0.59 $0.45 $0.35

Jesus Fisher of Men Hook Pin
 SKU: 263
New, Exclusive  Unique double fish hook design spells Jesus Fisher of Men in a 1" high gold pin that is perfect as a witness-evangelism tool. Double fishhooks, double fishing. Fisher of men tie tack.
Quan.   1 - 5     6 - 23     24+  
Price $2.98 $2.98 $2.98
Sale!  $2.49 $1.98 $1.59

Custom Plastic Cup
Church Information Cup 16 oz
 SKU: 5296
Exclusive Design for Your Church Church canvasser plastic witness cup. A new vehicle to witness to our neighbors. Give each canvasser team a cup filled with your church bulletin your church business card, bulletin and pocket cross to invite family to your church. A terrific "leave behind"!
Quan.   100 - 249     250 - 499     500+  
Price $1.49 $1.49 $1.49
Sale!  $1.20 $0.86 $0.75

Select Color of Cup: White will be used unless specified.
Harvesting for Jesus Bookmarks with Wood Cross
Thanksgiving Harvesting for Him Bookmarks with Wood Cross
 SKU: 8093
November Thanksgiving bookmarks. Religious Bookmarks. Inspirational "Harvest For Him" messages on these cute religious bookmarks with pumpkin. Each has a ribbon with cross. 6" long card stock. Assorted colors only.
Quan.   1 - 5     6 - 23     24 - 95     96+  
Price $0.98 $0.89 $0.89 $0.89
Sale!  $0.89 $0.59 $0.39 $0.34
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